February 6, 2018

5 Fun Activities To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be an overall goal in your life, and not a New Year’s resolution or sudden realisation only after you turn 40. Although it may seem like an expensive lifestyle due to the emergence of ridiculously priced superfoods, you can choose to engage in sports to enjoy the same health effects on your body! Your sports don’t necessarily have to be the boring few as well. Here are 5 fun activities you can try for maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

1. Bubble Soccer

This game allows you to bump your stress away! Bubble soccer follows the same rules as normal soccer, which means you have to score a goal into the opponent’s goal post. The only difference is that you’ll be doing it while wearing a giant inflatable bubble! You can bump into other players to try to get the ball, and vice versa! Although it may sound daunting as it involves running into each other, the game is completely safe as the giant bubble covers your entire upper torso and provides a reliable layer that will cushion you from your falls. Furthermore, playing bubble soccer with your BFFs or even colleagues will guarantee you with an afternoon of laughs with the hilarious sight of them falling down in giant bubbles!

2. Laser Tag

Laser tag is the closest you’ll ever get to your video game fantasies! Despite its similarity to paintballlaser tag is often preferred due to it being safer in nature. Laser tag uses no physical projectiles as players are eliminated when their infrared-sensitive vests are shot by the laser guns that use fire infrared beams. As the game requires you to be on your feet, it will do a great job of keeping you fit with the constant moving around! Laser tag certainly provides you a different experience from running on a treadmill in the gym.

3. Combat Archery Tag

Instead of guns, combat archery tag makes use of arrows. Players have to eliminate enemies with their arrows with the help of bunkers that they can take cover with! Similarly, combat archery tag will guarantee you a painless experience with the use of foam-tipped arrows that are disinfected and safety tested. Other than giving you your weekly dose of exercise, combat archery tag also helps you to understand your team players’ strengths and weaknesses while working on your coordination with each other!

4. Poolball

Poolball, just like its name suggests, is a cross between pool and football. Being seven metres long, poolball is the longest pool table and smallest football field you’ll ever set foot on! Rather than a vigorous activity, poolball is more of a mind game that requires you to come up with clever strategies instead! Thus, poolball is perfect for everyone, regardless of age and fitness level. In fact, we believe the game can help you maintain a healthy and quick mind!

5. Go-Kart

Have you ever aspired to be like those F1 drivers zooming down the lanes? If you’ve imagined how it would feel like to be inside one of those cars while experiencing the adrenaline pumping through your veins, Go-Kart is the activity for you! Go-Kart allows you to race up to 50km per hour in a racing machine against your friends on a competitive track. Do not worry if you don’t have any prior experience as Go-Karting will be as easy to pick up as a new sport!

For all these fun activities that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, do not hesitate to contact The Fun Empire to book a session now!

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