February 6, 2018

5 Tips For Team Building In The Workplace


We would often hear of people wanting to build a great team or one that is able to work well together. While it may sound similar, they are actually two very different things that have different team building objectives. Leaders must first define the kind of team they want to build and move forward with team building activities. If you are not sure how to get started, here are 5 tips for team building in the workplace!

1.  Convey clear expectations

When it comes to forming a team, leaders must ensure that they communicate clear expectations to their members. From understanding the goals set to the goals being supported by the team. Team members will also need to understand how their efforts will contribute greatly to all projects and larger goals for the company. On the other hand, leaders will need to allocate time, discussion, and attention to the work produced by the team. Only then can the teamwork towards improving themselves and meeting expectations.

2. Create a common vision

A common vision is especially important for team building. Not only that, but it is also one of the ways to ensure that a company is able to go far and succeed. Thus, you should spend a great amount of time visioning as a team. During this time, discuss what you want to create as well as the direction of where your company is headed. Ensure that all team members hold the same vision so you can progress together.

3. Review progress

After setting goals and expectations, it is time for team members to work hard and achieve them. Give it a few weeks and call in for a meeting to review the progress together. With this, you can monitor how close you are to reaching your goals. Team members will also benefit from this reviewing session by providing positive and constructive feedback on each other.

4. Organize team building activities

One of the best ways for team members to bond is through team building activities. Team building games are also to teach them about passion, focus, and winning. There are plenty of team building games that are unique and fun which your team members will definitely benefit and enjoy. If you have got a sporty team, try bubble soccer and pool ball.  Those who are adventurous can play archery tagsaber tag, or ninja tag. Remember that the games are meant to be for friendly competition and it should not convert into a serious competition.

5.  Celebrate achievements

It is easy for us to drown in the pile of work on a day-to-day basis. As such, taking occasional breaks from work is important for all team members as this can help to refresh their minds. What better way to take a break than with a celebration of achievements! Whether big or small, you should make time to celebrate. Reward your team members with gifts and this will motivate them to push harder and achieve greater heights in the future!

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