January 19, 2018

6 Ways To Get Your Team To Listen


One important key to a high-performance team is to have team members gel well together and feel free to give out their opinions, all while listening to their leader. However, this isn’t as easy as you think it is. Getting your team to listen requires much effort, and one just can’t do it by force. Instead, you gotta earn that respect and let your team members listen to you naturally! Here are 6 tips on how to get your team to listen.

1. Listen Actively

Ironically, to get your team members to listen to you, you need to listen to them first. When one of your teammates are talking, don’t interrupt and rush to tell them how your opinion is better than theirs. Instead, show them the courtesy of hearing what they wish to say. Even if you do not agree with it, simply show them respect by nodding and listening first before disagreeing. By listening to what your team members have to say, you’re encouraging two-way communication. This will earn their respect, and at the same time, allow them to be open to you and listen when you are the one speaking.

2. Give Credit Where It’s Due

When one of your team members give a great idea, you don’t want to be like those bosses that pass off their employees’ work as their own and conveniently take credit for it. Giving credit where it’s due is not only the right thing to do but puts you in a positive light. Your team members will also learn to give you due respect and hence listen to your opinions in the future.

3. Have A Goal In Mind

Would you trust a leader who gets by every day without having a vision? Chances are, you wouldn’t. Likewise, to gain your teammates’ trust, you need to show them that you are goal-oriented. This can be done so easily during work. For example, you should always be prepared for meetings, and make it a point to brief everyone in detail so everyone knows what they are working towards. By showing people that you have a plan and are not just blindly following, you will then become a true leader and your teammates will thus listen to you naturally.

4. Care For Your Staff

Instead of maintaining a strictly work relationship, you should learn to care for your staff. For example, when they are on MC, instead of interrogating them and reminding them about deadlines, you should show concern for their health. You need to remember that your staff are humans too and experience the same stress and pressure you do. If you’re there to show concern and tide them through difficulties, you will then be rewarded with a loyal employee who listens to your opinions and advice.

5. Reward Your Staff

There’s no easier way to make your employees happy. Humans are reciprocating creatures, when we put in effort into something, we subconsciously expect something in return. This might not even have to be a gift, it can be a team dinner, or even a simple “Thank You” would do the job! This will make your employees feel appreciated, and in return, feel motivated to do more for you and the company.

6. Bond With Your Team

If you want your team members to listen to you, the most important step is to build rapport with them. This is where team building activities come into play! You should incorporate new team building trends into your team building sessions to help you bond with your team. Examples of such trends are exciting games that include bubble soccerlaser tagarchery tagsaber tagninja tagpoolball or saberFit and the list goes on!

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