December 4, 2022

Amazing Race Singapore: A Superb Team Building Activity [2023]

Amazing Race Singapore

Amazing Race Singapore
Amazing Race Singapore

Looking for an exciting and unique teambuilding experience? Look no further than the Amazing Race Singapore: A Superb Team Building Activity! This race will take your team on a journey through our beautiful city, testing your skills and teamwork along the way. With challenges that require strategy and cooperation, Amazing Race Singapore is the perfect way to build teamwork and communication within your team. Contact us today to book your race!

Benefits of Amazing Race team building

The Amazing Race Singapore is an excellent team-building exercise because it presents a variety of obstacles that require a committed team to overcome, honing the leadership abilities of remote teams.

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Diversify the team's ability to solve challenging clues
  • Respect
  • Friendships
  • Improve innovative thinking
  • Camaraderie
  • Embrace cultural diversity

As part of the physical race, your team will traverse the city, taking on a range of jobs and challenges that require teamwork. To go on to the next location, all challenges must be overcome collaboratively.

There is a hybrid race that is conducted both online and offline for teams that want to compete against teams made up of competitors from all over the world.

Physical Amazing Race

Physical Amazing Race - Amazing Race Singapore
Physical Amazing Race - Amazing Race Singapore

Starting from $20/pax, this physical amazing race will put to the test the players' capacity to cooperate in order to solve a murder case. Qualified facilitators provide teams with the tips and puzzles they need to finish an entertaining team-building activity. Your team and you will need to run to the finish line in this historic race in Singapore!

Singapore will host The Amazing Race because there is no limit on the number of competitors. They need not worry because the facilitators will divide the participants into groups.

Virtual Amazing Race

Virtual Amazing Race - Amazing Race Singapore
Virtual Amazing Race - Amazing Race Singapore

In addition, there is also a Virtual Amazing Race that enables teams to participate from any location in the world without leaving their homes.

Teams that wish to compete in a stunning race against employees from across the world may consider this as a terrific choice.

Learn about the characters' pasts as you play by solving puzzles! Own this race with your committed team members, guided by your knowledgeable facilitators, which will make your group closer.

Hybrid Amazing Race

Hybrid Amazing Race - Amazing Race Singapore
Hybrid Amazing Race - Amazing Race Singapore

The hybrid Amazing Race is a great choice for groups who want to experience both the excitement of solving online clues and the physical challenge of a race.

To win the game, take part in a heritage race with your buddies. Because it requires cooperation from all participants in order to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles, this is fantastic for fostering teamwork.

This hybrid Amazing Race is one of the best suggestions you can give for your future team building because it has a variety of tasks.

You will need to cooperate since you will need to look up locations and clues online in order to win this race.

Tips when playing Amazing Race

When taking part in the Amazing Race, the following advice should be kept in mind:

1. Work together as a team.

By cooperating, we can overcome the challenges much more easily. In addition to honing your leadership skills in remote teams, there are challenges that will let you experience past lives once more.

2. Take advantage of the resources around you.

You will occasionally need to exercise your imagination in order to find a solution, but don't neglect to make use of the resources at your disposal as well. The route markers will all point you in the direction of the next location, so keep an eye out for them all.

3. Remain focused and stay on task.

You will frequently need to use your imagination to find a solution, but don't forget to use the tools at your disposal right now. Following the route markers will get you to your next location, so be sure to pay attention to them all.

4. Have fun!

Take your time and execute things right, it should be interesting for everyone involved. Utilize the jobs' U-Turn and explore Singapore's challenging areas because unique problems like these are uncommon.

Engage in these enjoyable activities, take on the difficulties, and improve your communication skills. No matter if this is your first time or not, you can be sure that this session will be challenging and not what you expect!

Recommended Activities

Terrarium Workshop

Terrarium Workshop - Amazing Race Singapore
Terrarium Workshop - Amazing Race Singapore

Learn how to create a terrarium to restore your relationship with nature! Due to the informal, small-group setting of our classes, learning new skills is pleasurable. contains all necessary components. Every member of the team gets to build their own terrarium and receives a finished product with maintenance instructions.

Art Jamming

Art Jamming Workshop - Amazing Race Singapore
Art Jamming Workshop - Amazing Race Singapore

Art Jamming is a brand-new activity that is highly recommended in order to promote patience, participant participation, and creativity. During our entertaining and peaceful art jamming activities, which are hosted in a friendly and judgment-free environment, participants will be inspired to let their creativity flow.

This program was developed to help teams from all over the world participate in an exciting event while having fun and improving their communication skills.

In addition, Fun Empire provides an open participation group art jam.

Leather Workshop

Leather Workshop Singapore - Amazing Race Singapore
Leather Workshop Singapore - Amazing Race Singapore

If you have a passion for leather, why not try your hand at creating it yourself? We offer key fobs, card holders, coin bags, and everything else you need to get going. Plan your upcoming team-building event at Leather Workshop as soon as possible!

Fun Empire as an Event Planner

Corporate groups can participate in competitive races designed by event designer Fun Empire that promote cooperation. Our activities are intended to encourage imagination, collaboration, and teamwork.

In addition, we provide workshops in leatherworking, terrarium building, and arts & crafts. We have created games that cater to a variety of players while honing your skills. Some of these activities include races, family get-togethers, performance nights, and games like "race around the world."

We will still perform well, regardless of your limited resources, and you will still have to overcome obstacles in this Amazing race Singapore!

Amazing Race Singapore

During The Amazing Race Singapore, your ability to cooperate and find solutions will be tested. Whether you choose a physical, hybrid, or virtual race, your team will undoubtedly have a blast!

How is the Amazing Race organized?

To host a physical race, you'll need a place where the obstacles can be placed. It will also be necessary to pay facilitators to help guide the teams through the race. An internet connection and a place for your team to gather online are all you need for a hybrid or virtual race.
Once you've chosen the kind of race, you must select the obstacles and tips that will be used. You can achieve this by designing the assignments yourself or by collaborating with a skilled facilitator. Make sure that each challenge is appropriate for the age and fitness level of the participants.
In order to ensure that your participants are informed of all the race specifics, make sure to educate them in advance.

What is an Amazing Race challenge?

Teams compete against one another to solve puzzles and challenges in a physical, hybrid, or online race during an Amazing Race activity. This excellent team-building exercise evaluates cooperation and problem-solving skills.

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