December 1, 2022

9 Fascinating Virtual Team Building Activities to Support Communication [2023]

Virtual Team Building Singapore

Virtual Team Building Singapore
Virtual Team Building Singapore

In today's digital age, it's not uncommon for team members to be scattered all over the globe. As a business owner, it's important to find ways to foster collaboration and teamwork among your remote employees. One way to do this is by using virtual team building activities. In this blog post, we will discuss the 9 Fascinating Virtual Team Building Activities to Support Communication!

1. Virtual Food Quest

Virtual Food Quest - Virtual Team Building Singapore
Virtual Food Quest - Virtual Team Building Singapore

Come along on a virtual dining adventure with us as we discover Singapore's delicious and diverse cuisine! Bring your distant team colleagues together, and let's all enjoy a fun virtual meeting!

Virtual team activities can motivate distant teams, improve problem-solving abilities, and create a committed team capable of handling any difficulties.

We developed our own special online team-building activities, such the Virtual Food Quest.

The entire team can participate in this alternate activity, which lets them play online games together and have a rewarding virtual team-building experience. You will work in online teams and play team games with them; this will foster the development of your connections and give you the chance to get to know your coworkers better.

This is an experience centered around different cuisines for each team member to learn and explore various cuisines through a series of interactive and engaging mini-games!

2. Virtual Amazing Race

Virtual Amazing Race - Virtual Team Building Singapore
Virtual Amazing Race - Virtual Team Building Singapore

One of those online team-building exercises to consider is this virtual Amazing Race. These online meetings, which only employ cost-free web conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet, can help create productive remote teams.

The innovative, one-of-a-kind Virtual Amazing Race from Fun Empire was made by our in-house game designers expressly to inspire remote teams, boost morale, and enhance communication! You may build camaraderie with additional team members by playing a fun online workplace game that challenges your comfort zone.

Anywhere and for all time, players are welcome. Because it is so exciting and challenging, The Fun Empire's Virtual Amazing Race is perfect for friends, family, and coworkers.

3. Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Escape Room - Virtual Team Building Singapore
Virtual Escape Room - Virtual Team Building Singapore

Come try the first-ever virtual escape room in Singapore, brought to you by Fun Empire!

We have developed an entirely new online escape room that promises consumers a realistic and thoroughly enjoyable virtual experience. With its intriguing story and challenging puzzles, our escape room will entertain and challenge everyone who participates.

Virtual Escape Room Themes

Here are some of Fun Empire's virtual team-building games available, escape room edition.

  1. Curse of the Werewolf
  2. Virtual Squid Escape
  3. Return of the Queen
  4. Virtual Time Travel
  5. Ben's Big Heist
  6. Time Ticking
  7. Jack's Hangover
  8. Mayday
  9. Super Planet

4. Virtual Time Travel

Virtual Time Travel - Virtual Team Building Singapore
Virtual Time Travel - Virtual Team Building Singapore

If your team loves virtual team-building challenges, then this one's for you!

FunEmpire is proud to provide the first and only Virtual Time Travel Experience in the globe! Experience many eras and time zones in an engaging story using simply video conferencing equipment! You know, the usual ones that you use in every online meeting.

Solve challenging puzzles online as a team in this fun and interesting virtual activity for team building. Our knowledgeable facilitators, challenging riddles, and exciting plot will ensure your enjoyment and virtual good times.

Additionally, our unique virtual escape room experiences, which were developed by our in-house game designers, will make you feel as though time is not an issue.

What else are you waiting for? Let yourself be amazed by this online team-building activity!

5. Virtual Travel Experience

Icons of Singapore - Virtual Team Building Singapore
Icons of Singapore - Virtual Team Building Singapore

This upcoming virtual team-building activity includes enjoyable virtual activities and virtual happy hours that will help your complete team achieve its virtual team-bonding goal! You may have fun with your remote teams using this collection of video games for virtual teams.

Start a journey through Singapore's history using 360-degree live clues, a treasure hunt, a virtual version of the Amazing Race, and a virtual escape room experience.

In an inventive and engaging virtual environment, remote team members will collaborate online in teams to solve amusing and interactive puzzles while learning more about the nation.

Complete all the challenges to solve the exciting storyline and be hailed as the best virtual team! Each team member will participate in online team games and will create spice to the usual virtual meetings.

Icons of Singapore is a 100% online experience and is perfect for virtual team building, virtual team events, virtual bonding with loved ones, and special occasions!

6. Virtual Art Jamming

Virtual Art Jamming - Virtual Team Building Singapore
Virtual Art Jamming - Virtual Team Building Singapore

Another unique virtual team-building ideas are virtual team-building workshops.

Virtual Art Jamming is ideal for those effective remote teams who would like to produce something unique and artistic. It is both calming and peaceful, great for all ages and any occasion.

In addition, each team member's Art Jamming Kit will be delivered right to your door before your virtual team building activity. Virtual team development is vital because it fosters interpersonal relationships and communication within the team.

Since this is your first time painting, are you anxious? We've got you covered. A trained facilitator will be with you during this virtual team building exercise to walk you through the principles of color mixing and to guide you.

7. Virtual Clay Making

Virtual Clay Making - Virtual Team Building Singapore
Virtual Clay Making - Virtual Team Building Singapore

Save the best for our last feature of virtual team building workshops, the Virtual Clay Making!

Among the many remote team-building activities, this clay-making workshop will give you a hands-on experience together with your online team about how to mold your own clays and create your very own figurines.

This virtual conference call will make you feel like you are in the same physical space with your remote workers, promoting team bonding and online team building. Plus, virtual activities like this can help you engage remote teams and remote employees through art.

This is a perfect opportunity for remote team to get an activity outside from the usual virtual meeting.

8. Virtual Leather Making

Virtual Leather Making - Virtual Team Building Singapore
Virtual Leather Making - Virtual Team Building Singapore

The popular Virtual Leather Making workshop comes after our virtual team-building workshops.

Join us for our online workshop on making leather! By participating in this online team-building activity from the comfort of your home, you can add some humor to your virtual meetings by making your own coin purse and other keychains.

Your personalized Leather Crafting kit as well as additional team-building materials will be delivered right to your house prior to the start of your private virtual event.

In addition, a trained facilitator will oversee the entirety of your online team-building exercise.

Along the way, you'll pick up some knowledge about the various types of leather and how to maintain your leather goods. Right, this virtual team-building activity was fascinating and interesting.These virtual team events help each team member to go outside of their box and explore new things, and be able to discover new hobbies!

9. Virtual Terrarium

Virtual Terrarium - Virtual Team Building Singapore
Virtual Terrarium - Virtual Team Building Singapore

Next on our list of virtual team-building workshops, is a Virtual Terrarium workshop. This workshop is not only for virtual team-building exercises but could also be for virtual birthday parties, virtual programs, or virtual holiday parties. Another example of perfect activities for remote teams.

Similar to a video call but far more enjoyable than playing online video games, you can join the best virtual workshop with just a stable internet connection.

With your friends, family, and coworkers, you can now build your own terrarium in the convenience of your home, creating the illusion that your remote team is physically present together. Glass globes called terrariums are used to house plants.

Your personalized Terrarium kit will arrive at your home prior to the online team-building activity.

Your online workshop will be fully facilitated by our skilled terrarium makers, who will guide you through both the theoretical and practical steps of making your own miniature garden.

Benefits of having virtual team building activities

Virtual team-building events help to build trust and communication within a team of remote employees.

Here are some benefits of having virtual team-building events:

  • Virtual team bonding activities allow people from different parts of the world to come together and collaborate on projects.
  • Virtual team bonding activities are perfect for companies with employees in multiple time zones.
  • Virtual team bonding exercises can be used to train new employees, or as a way to assess how well a team works together.

Tips when doing Virtual Team Building Activities

1. Make sure the virtual team-building activity matches the team's goals

Ensure that the virtual team-building activity you select is in line with the group's goals. If better communication is the goal, choose a task that will enable team members to communicate with one another directly. Online team-building exercises are therefore crucial.

If establishing trust is your goal, choose a project that promotes teamwork.

2. Choose an activity in which everyone can participate

It's not necessary for everyone to be present during all virtual team-building exercises. Everyone can take part in some activities, such as online tests or video chats.

3. Use a virtual team-building toolkit

Many online team-building activities have a toolbox that contains all the supplies you need to participate. Make sure you have all the required supplies before you start the activity.

4. Choose an activity that can be done remotely

Not all activities demand that participants congregate in one place. Select a task that can be completed remotely so that team members from different countries can take part.

5. Make sure everyone has access to the required technology

For the majority of virtual team-building activities, participants need a computer and internet access. Make sure everyone who wants to participate has access to the necessary technology before the activity starts.

Recommended Activities

1. Candle-Making Workshop

Candle Making Workshop - Virtual Team Building Singapore
Candle Making Workshop - Virtual Team Building Singapore

A team-building exercise that lets you make your own candles is the Candle Making Workshop. You'll discover how to properly care for your candle as well as the many wick and wax varieties.

2. Hybrid Amazing Race

Hybrid Amazing Race - Virtual Team Building Singapore
Hybrid Amazing Race - Virtual Team Building Singapore

The "Hybrid Amazing Race" is a digital team-building activity that combines the thrill of an online scavenger hunt with the strenuousness of an outdoor race.

For businesses with workers spread across different time zones or for businesses looking to combine the best aspects of online and offline team-building activities, this virtual event is ideal.

3. Giant Board Games

Giant Board Games - Virtual Team Building Singapore
Giant Board Games - Virtual Team Building Singapore

Giant board games are excellent instruments for fostering teamwork. During this team-building activity, you and your group will compete in a variety of well-known board games, such as Connect 4 and Snakes & Ladders.

Virtual Team Building Singapore

A team of remote workers can improve trust and communication among themselves by participating in virtual team-building activities.

They can also be used to train new hires or evaluate how well a team works together.

In this article, we have featured some of the best virtual team-building activities that will promote collaboration among your remote workers.

Which one are you most excited to try?

How can a team be put together online?

Creating a virtual team can be done in a variety of ways. Online scavenger hunts, huge board games, and candle-making classes are a few of the more well-liked techniques.
With the help of a qualified facilitator, teams can complete online team-building tasks. Consider employing virtual team games and virtual activities from Fun Empire, an events firm, to involve more team members abroad.

Why do online team-building activities work?

Online team-building activities enable people from all over the world to work together on projects.

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